BINGO hosted by Doug Gazlay

Doug's BINGO, the most surprising offering in Doug's line of services, is FUN!!!

Doug's BINGO Peeps-

"Not Your Mamma's BINGO!"

Yes- there are bingo sheets and a cage with balls of letter and number combinations that are called out in a room full of Bingo Win Dreamers  But, that’s about where the similarity ends.

Doug is constantly using his creative forces to develop interesting and fun patterns to achieve before calling BINGO!  He’s added many twists and uses different bingo sheet configurations to create his own unique and intensely fun games!

Once a month a night is featured as a  THEME Night.  It usually centers around different holidays and events and includes specialized games and even more winnings!

Hosted at different venues, Doug’s BINGO is the perfect entertainment for those who love to play!  His site shows when and where on a weekly basis.  And a Doug’s BINGO Text List keeps players informed and up-to-date on the latest games!  Find a place where Doug hosts Doug’s BINGO- bring your family and friends and Y’all yell out: “BINGO!”.  Dang!  That feels good! Doug Gazlay
Beer Mug game- Doug Gazlay
Doug's BINGO Anything Goes Theme Night Doug Gazlay

You must be 18+ years old to legally play BINGO in Georgia. Kids can fill out parent's sheets, but only parents (or an someone 18+ years old) can purchase tickets and claim prizes!