DougPuzzles- digital jigsaw puzzles- free- Doug Gazlay
December Full Moon - Doug Gazlay

Choose the size and number of pieces for each puzzle.  Puzzle saves and reopens to same spot if you leave before finishing!

December Full Moon- choose size and number of pieces
Thanksgiving word search- - Doug Gazlay

Much of Doug's original art is now available in digital jigsaw puzzles! is a completely FREE site where Doug’s creativity in art has been transformed into hundreds of Digital Jigsaw Puzzles.   If you enjoy word searches, also, you’ll love this site!  Watch this video to se e what is available and how it works!

Word searches in many categories, holidays and genres.  All created personally by Doug.

Word Search categories- - doug gazlay
December Full Moon Kid's Size Pieces- Doug Gazlay

Great sizes for kids to learn to assemble a jigsaw puzzle.  No mess.  Free up space on your table.  Mobile responsive, so, you can do a puzzle on your phone!  Enjoy!

December Full Moon- larger kid-sized pieces. Doug Gazlay
Holidays Word Search - by Doug Gazlay-