DougArt- Doug Gazlay- Artist- painter-designer
Aurora Snowy Evening- by Doug Gazlay
Orange Flowers In A Green Vase- by Doug Gazlay
Waterfall Pond- by Doug Gazlay
Sherbert Rainbow's End Meltdown- Doug Gazlay-

Doug Gazlay's Original Art

Doug always had a choice between art & music.  He’s made most of his career centered around music.  But, in 2014, Doug began to pick up his second love that had been unexplored since his High School days.  Original art, both physical and digital, ranging from raw sketches to complete fine art creations, are now part of Doug’s world.
He has sold many pieces.  Some of his work is on this page.  Enjoy!

Snowy Sunset on the Farm- Doug Gazlay-
Melting Pot - by Doug Gazlay-
Sinead Scream - by Doug Gazlay
I Spy Red In Mykonos Greece- by Doug Gazlay -

Doug's art is for sale. is under construction right now.