DGrooves: Doug's Audio, Visual and Web Production Studio

Music & Video Production

Doug’s DGrooves A/V Studio is the center of his production, whether music tracks, videos (music, explainer, promo).

Here are some examples of his work:
Music tracks are original works showing Doug’s Songwriting, Arranging and Production chops.

Websites, Graphics & Social Media Posting

Restaurants and Event venues in Metro Atlanta, GA have benefited from Doug’s Website creation and Social Media Posting skills.  He creates graphics, also.  Examples highlighted here:

10-in-a-row-promo graphic- DougsBINGO.com Doug Gazlay host

Websites Examples:

LillianGardens.com Newnan, GA Doug Gazlay Webmaster

www.lilliangardens.com (Event Venue in Newnan, GA)

ILoveVittles.com Doug Gazlay Webmaster

www.ilovevittles.com  (Personal site for Doug)

HoneyABridalBoutique.com Webmaster, Doug Gazlay, Newnan, GA, Bridal attire and gowns

www.honeyabridalboutique.com (Bridal shop for wedding attire in Newnan, GA)